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There is a shift in the industry moving away from the generic "announcer" style voice from our generations past. Listeners now crave authenticity, a different way to connect that can be achieved with a conversational, natural, friendly voice that I've worked to perfect throughout my VO career. I have 10 years experience in the Professional Audio Industry as a Sound Designer for Sony Playstation, Dialog Director at Electronic Arts, Audio Producer for Pandora Radio, producing high quality audio and hiring and directing voice over talent. Through that experience, I began voice acting for high end clients, Playstation, Facebook, Amazon, Hulu, Pandora, Amarki, Coupa).


I am a trained Audio Engineer, Producer, Sound Designer, VO and my deliverables are all self recorded, self produced and mastered. My demo's are all REAL projects I've worked on, so what you hear in my demo's is what you get and more! I have had to develop the efficiency of delivering impeccable audio in "within the hour" turn around situations. On top of being a sound engineer and voice artist, I am also a studio acoustics consultant, to ensure you that I know what it means for an audio deliverable to sound "Studio Quality." No room noise, and if you need me to edit, master, add sound effects, add music, sync to video, I can do that as well.


BA in Sound Arts @ Sound Arts Institute Expression College
AA in Sound Engineering at College of San Mateo
1 on 1 Vocal Coach Training
Voice One


Sound Designer and Dialog Voice Coordinator/Director at Playstation Sony Interactive.

Worked as an Audio Producer and Sound Designer at companies such as Sony Entertainment America, Electronic Arts, Pandora Radio, Wavegroup Sound (now Facebook audio).


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